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Jan 2014
2 years ago
SerenityServers thrive to become the best in the business, we do this by using the bleeding edge hardware available to man, as well as a great support crew to come with it! The story behind SerenityServers is long, so we wont bother you with the full story. However alittle insight wont hurt anybody. It all started with the owner of the company, looking around to find the host that matched his mind set, wanting both a great price, quality servers and legendary support. It was hard to find the perfect match, so he decided it was about time someone tried to provide an all-in-one package for the people. Not everyone wants to pay an extra 5 dollars, just to get help troubleshooting a plugin, so 4 months of planning, deciding on a name, automating and setup has lead to everything you see today. We are yet to be the largest host out there, but we are getting closer by the second!

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