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Jan 2012
2 years ago
PickleHosting specializes in Minecraft server hosting from Java Optimization to Plugin and Permission Support ensuring that you experience the easiest and smoothest service! Here at PickleHosting we’ve done our research and know what needs to be done in order to provide the best support. Just like our competition we provide to a huge range of clients, no matter what your need! Unlike our other big branded competition we keep prices low while providing round the clock, 24/7 extensive tech help and advice only with the best hardware. Our expertise lies not only within cheap MineCraft server hosting but also Tekkit server hosting and Feed the Beast Server hosting. How did we know what the best support was? We’ve used other hosts to have servers just like you! And after going through many of them, we now offer the things we liked and scratched the bad. Leaving you with an almost perfect host.

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