Is your data reliable and how do you keep it updated?

When the site was first built we had a lot of work sourcing all the games, hosts and pricing not to mention finding images as well. However now the site is in full swing and most of the data collection is correct to a point we are now keeping a constant eye on trending games as these are the games that tend to have price changes every other day. We also have mutual contact with a lot of our hosts that get in contact on a regular basis when they have price changes in order to help us keep up to date.  In due time alot of this will become automated in order to keep prices updated around the clock.

Isn’t offering Discount codes biased towards certain hosts?

A: In many cases people have mistaken the ideas of coupons as a bias act. However we disagree with this as that is suggesting that we only show certain hosts coupons, which is not the case. We have asked all hosts that we are in contact with for coupons to help gamers save money and have even gone out of our way to have them add coupons if they do not already have any available. Any host can add coupons to their page and we happily encourage them to because we want gamers to save money in anyway they can.

How accurate is the price conversion on the site?

Most of the pricing data we collected across the site was in USD as it appears that this is the most popular default currency across 90% of the hosts on the site. Our currency conversion is pulled from data that our system collects every day from the latest exchange rates across the different currencies, which means that if you are viewing the pricing in any other currency their may be a small error in the pricing. However this is only very marginal. The currency converter was implemented to help users quickly convert prices in to their own currency.

I can’t find the game I want?

If your looking for a game on the site and are unable to find what you are looking for, simply send us a message with the game and your email and we will search for hosts and get it added to the site as quickly as humanly possible. This will help both you and future users find the best host for your game.


Can any host join comparegameservers.com?

Yes – However hosts now have to apply to be on the site via the contact form as we are currently building a lot more features for the site and do not have a lot of time to look for new hosts and collect their data. Hosts also have to hit certain criteria’s in order to be listed, including being a registered company, legitimate and have some age behind them amongst other things. This helps us avoid featuring bad/pop up hosts that take gamers money and run once they are bored of playing server hosting company.

If you have any other questions you would like to ask us please use our Contact Form