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Jan 2012
2 years ago
We are a trusted and registered company in the state of Florida. All of our services are monthly 30 day subscriptions that are automatically renewed with the payment method of your choice. We offer PayPal subscriptions and we accept all major credit cards via the Stripe payment gateway. We use only the latest Intel Xeon processors such as E5-2620v2, E3-1230v2, E3-1240v2, E3-1270 and E5-1650v2 chips. Each machine is fitted with anywhere from 16-64GB of DDR3 ECC RAM and they are connected to our Tier 1/Tier 0 backbone network on 100mbps and 1,000mbps uplink ports. We mainly run Windows as our operating system but we use Linux for voice hosting. All of our game, voice and web services are separated from each other so that if one thing goes down, everything else is still running normally.

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